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State Election Board: post-election audits confirm results of recent legislative races

Post-Election Audits Confirm Results of Recent Legislative Races

(Oklahoma City, February 29th) – The State Election Board announced today that post-election audits conducted last week confirmed the results of the recent State Senator, District 32 Special General Election and State Representative, District 39 Special Primary Election and Special General Election.

Oklahoma County Election Board audited the following:

February 13, 2024 Special General Election (State Representative, District 39)

  • Precinct 337
  • Precinct 342
  • Mail absentee ballots

December 12, 2023 Special Primary Election (State Representative, District 39)

  • Precinct 335 (Democratic Primary)
  • Precinct 369 (Republican Primary)
  • Mail absentee ballots (both Republican and Democratic primaries)

The audits confirmed the results of the special general election and both special primaries, with no difference in the vote counts.

Comanche County Election Board audited the following:

December 12, 2023 Special General Election (State Senator, District 32)

  • Precinct 42
  • In-person absentee (“early voting”) ballots

The audit confirmed the results of the special general election, with no difference in the vote counts.

Secretary of the State Election Board, Paul Ziriax, said post-election audits have consistently proved that Oklahoma elections are safe and secure. “The accuracy of Oklahoma election results has been confirmed, time and time again, through both manual post-election audits and candidate-requested recounts. The recent special legislative races are no exception. With time-tested laws and procedures, and very accurate voting devices, Oklahomans can feel confident in their elections,” Ziriax said.

Precincts for audits in both counties were selected randomly and election totals were confirmed through a manual examination of the ballots. The final post-election audit report is available on the State Election Board website.

Post-election audits were enacted by the State Legislature and implemented by the State Election Board in 2022 “for the purpose of maintaining the security of the election system by ensuring that voting devices and software used in a particular election correctly tabulated votes.” Post-elections audits are defined as “a manual or electronic examination of a limited number of ballots.” Additional post-election audit reports can be found on the State Election Board website.


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