Friday, March 22, 2024

Rep. Williams, Sens. Bullard and Jett to host March 26th medical freedom group hearing at State Capitol

Joint Senate and House Hearing to Advance Medical Freedom Legislation Hosted at Oklahoma State Capitol March 26

Oklahoma City, OK (March 19, 2024) – Under the auspices of The Former Feds Group Freedom Foundation and Mic Rosado’s 'Intentional Podcast', a Joint Senate and House Hearing is scheduled to take March 26th, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm CST. This event will be hosted in Room 112.2 at the Oklahoma State Capitol, announced host House Representative Danny Williams, alongside Senate hosts David Bullard and Shane Jett.

The hearing will feature an esteemed panel consisting of medical and legal experts, including Dr. Janci Lindsay, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. David Speicher, Dr. Peter Kory, Dr. James Thorp, Dr. Renata Moon, Rachel Rodriguez, Esq., Sasha Latypova, Rhonda Stockstill, and Allen Martin. This collection of voices is dedicated to elevating knowledge and expert perspectives in discussions about Medical Freedom.

The event’s objective is to equip legislators with crucial information and insights to aid in formulating and passing significant legislation to ensure Medical Freedom exists for all Oklahomans. Through intensive discussions and presentations, the presenters intend to engage legislators in promoting laws that emphasize patient education, advocate for the sanctity of patient-doctor relationships, and uphold the principles of informed consent in healthcare.

Mic Rosado (BSN), host of the 'Intentional' Podcast and a prominent figure in the Grassroots Leadership community, personally invites all stakeholders and the public to participate in this event. “Our dedication to advancing Medical Freedom is underscored by our concerted efforts to provide legislators with comprehensive data and perspectives. This hearing represents a crucial step towards impacting positive legislative changes that prioritize patient rights and informed healthcare decisions,” Rosado stated.

This gathering is a testament to our collective resolve to champion the cause of Medical Freedom but also serves as a prime opportunity for direct engagement with policymakers. Attendees and supporters of the movement are encouraged to join this critical discourse, helping shape the future of Medical Freedom in Oklahoma and beyond.

The Former Feds Group Freedom Foundation and Mic Rosado’s ‘Intentional Podcast’ are committed to advocating for healthcare autonomy and empowering individuals through informed decision-making. This upcoming Joint Senate and House Hearing stands as a significant milestone in our ongoing quest to ensure the preservation and promotion of Medical Freedom.

For additional information about the event and how you can contribute or participate, please contact Mic Rosado at (405) 471-9802.

About The Former Feds Group Freedom Foundation and the ‘Intentional Podcast’:

Founded on the principles of advocating for Medical Freedom and informed healthcare decisions, The Former Feds Group Freedom Foundation, alongside Mic Rosado’s ‘Intentional Podcast,’ has been at the forefront of mobilizing support and creating platforms for open dialogue and legislation reform. Through public dialogues, forums, and legislative engagements, they strive to safeguard individual rights to medical independence and uphold the integrity of the patient-doctor relationship.


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