Thursday, March 07, 2024

Election Results Maps: Trump mega-sweep, Biden loses one county

The presidential primary was on Tuesday, so it's time to update my long-running Election Results Maps series. Today, we look at how well - or how poorly - the presumptive major party nominees performed. 

First up, the Democratic primary:

As you can see, President Joe Biden cruised to 72.98% statewide, a lead of 45.96% over all challengers combined. However, he failed to carry all 77 counties, losing one (Cimarron) to Congressman Dean Phillips.

Biden clung to single-digit leads in three other counties - Coal (33.33%, a 2.2% lead over Phillips), Roger Mills (37.5%, a 1.4% lead over Phillips), and Washita (35.92%, a 4.9% lead over Phillips). He was held under 50% in 11 counties, and an even 50% in one more.

He did perform better than President Barack Obama did in his second-term primary; Obama received 57.1%, while losing 14 counties. On the other hand, President Trump set a record for incumbent presidents by scoring 92.6% in 2020 (including unanimous votes in 13.7% of all precints).

Speaking of Trump...

Former President Donald Trump, unsurprisingly, swept all 77 counties by commanding margins, with 81.83% statewide (a lead of 63.66% over all challengers combined). His worst showing was in Oklahoma County, where he led Nikki Haley by a 72.23% to 24.92% vote (a 47.3% lead for The Donald). He topped 90% in 23 counties, including two where he led by 90% (Coal with a 90.4% lead, and Choctaw with a 90.3% lead -- with 94.84% and 94.55% of the vote, respectively).

Granted, he's something of a semi-incumbent, at least within his own party, but I would surmise this to be the largest and most dominant primary performance by an individual who is not currently sitting in the White House.


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