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RSC releases FY25 Budget Proposal: “Fiscal Sanity to Save America”

RSC releases FY25 Budget Proposal: “Fiscal Sanity to Save America”

WASHINGTON, DC (March 20th) – Republican Study Committee Chairman Kevin Hern (OK-01), RSC’s Budget and Spending Task Force Chairman Ben Cline (VA-06), and Members of the Budget and Spending Task Force unveiled the RSC’s Fiscal Year 2025 Budget proposal today, titled “Fiscal Sanity to Save America”.

The RSC Budget is a thorough plan to address our federal spending problem and start paying down our debts. The FY-25 budget balances in just seven years, cuts spending by $16.7 trillion over ten years, and reduces taxes on Americans by $5.3 trillion over ten years.

Chairman Hern (R-OK) said, "Our budget is proof that it's possible to balance the budget, it's possible to operate in the black. The federal debt is daunting, but it's not hopeless. Conservative policies work together across the whole of government to lower spending, lower taxes, decrease the size and scope of the federal government, and spur economic growth. Chairman Cline and our Task Force Members have done incredible work to get this done a month early. Conservatives have a plan to restore fiscal sanity - it's time to get to work!"

RSC Budget and Spending Task Force Chair Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA) said, “Decades of Washington’s reckless spending habits have left the American People to foot the bill through high inflation and rising costs, and we cannot continue down this irresponsible path. The RSC budget proposes responsible, common-sense policy that bolsters the American economy, lowers inflation, slashes wasteful spending, and reverses the harmful, regressive, wasteful, and unnecessary policies that are crushing hardworking families. It’s far past time that Washington restores fiscal responsibility, reduces spending, and balances the federal budget to get our country back on the right track.”

The budget is made up of 285 individual bills and initiatives from 192 Members.

Task Force Member Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) said, "Under President Biden's failed leadership, Americans are struggling to make ends meet. The RSC Budget provides a blueprint to balance the budget in just seven years, secure the border, and defund Biden's woke agenda. Thank you to RSC Budget Chairman Cline and RSC Chairman Hern for their leadership in this effort.”

Task Force Member Rep. Josh Brecheen (R-OK) said, "The Republican Study Committee's FY25 budget includes conservative, commonsense policies that would square off against deficit spending and our more than $34 trillion national debt, balance the budget within seven years, and fight back against inflation, which has crippled American families for the past three years and counting. I thank RSC Chair Kevin Hern and Budget Task Force Chair Ben Cline for their commitment to solving our debt crisis and returning prosperity to America.”

Task Force Member Rep. Eric Burlison (R-MO) said, “As Joe Biden and the Democrats continue to increase the national debt exponentially and jeopardize the future of our children, I'm proud to stand with Chairman Hern (and Chairman Cline) as we release the conservative RSC Budget. Under Joe Biden's Leftist dream of a budget, our national debt would continue to grow over $1 trillion every 100 days, and over 1,000 unauthorized programs would continue to be funded. It's clear Democrats have checked their fiscal sanity at the door. Our RSC plan not only balances the national budget in a mere seven years, but also addresses the woes Americans are suffering today due to Democrats’ irrational spending, including rising inflation, high gas prices, and of course, the tumor-like growth of the federal bureaucracy. It’s time to get our fiscal house in order, and it starts by implementing the responsible policies outlined in this budget.”

Task Force Member Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-WY) said, “Unlike Joe Biden’s delusional and irresponsible spending spree, the proposal produced by the RSC actually balances the budget in 7 years, reduces spending by trillions of dollars, protects Social Security and Medicare, and offers the fiscal responsibility that the current President has lacked throughout his entire fifty years in government. Included in the RSC budget are the real priorities that Americans care about – such as border security, energy production, national security, and reining in the administrative state that is growing increasingly more invasive and costly to citizens all across the country. The federal government should be limited in scope – the RSC budget returns America to that precept.”

Task Force Member Rep. August Pfluger (R-TX) said, “President Biden's proposed budget, which raises taxes and furthers out-of-control Democratic spending, will plunge our country into economic ruin. I am proud to have helped author the House Republican Study Committee’s alternative balanced budget under Chairman Kevin Hern's leadership. The RSC reduces our national debt, lowers inflation, and promotes American energy dominance and growth while defending American values and freedoms.”

Task Force Member Rep. Beth Van Duyne (R-TX) said, “Over the last year, I’ve worked with my colleagues on the Budget and Spending Task Force to develop a budget proposal that not only saves taxpayers money by balancing the budget in 7 years but also provides tax relief for working families. I’m pleased our budget contains important policy wins including expanding Health Savings Accounts, building the border wall, unleashing American energy production, and growing our economy by making the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent. Our budget slashes wasteful spending while prioritizing policies that create opportunities for people to live out the American dream.”


HERE is the text of the FY 25 Budget, Fiscal Sanity to Save America.
HERE is a section-by-section summary of the budget.


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