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Treat bill reverting law back to having tags remain with vehicle after sale passes Senate committee

Dash cam view just prior to vehicle slamming into car on shoulder

Pro Tem Treat Comments on Tag Legislation Passing Committee
Treat: This is the most important piece of legislation I am prioritizing

OKLAHOMA CITY (Feb. 27th) – Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City, today released the following statement after Senate Bill 2035 unanimously passed through the Aeronautics and Transportation Committee.

Senate Bill 2035 was authored by Pro Tem Treat in the wake of a tragic accident that involved his son, Mason. He was driving legally with proper documentation but didn’t have a car tag because the sale of the vehicle was from a private individual. Current state law requires a private seller of a vehicle to retain possession of a motor vehicle tag after the sale of a car.

The pro tem is currently working with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, Department of Public Safety, Service Oklahoma, licensed operators, new and used auto dealers and various associations to implement a better process.

“I appreciate the bipartisan support from my Senate colleagues on this important piece of legislation,” Pro Tem Treat said. “My son Mason’s life was almost taken from our family, as well as the life of a sheriff’s deputy, because of a law that required him to drive without a license plate. Luckily, and by the grace of God, both Mason and the deputy are recovering.

“Mason was in compliance with the current law. But he didn’t have a tag on his car because of the law. I am determined to get this legislation passed. I don’t want to see any other Oklahoman’s life and safety compromised as a result of the inadequacy of the current law. This bill will save lives and help law enforcement focus on vehicles that are truly out of compliance.”


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