Wednesday, May 04, 2022

'Constitutional Grounds' sends out questionnaire for primary candidates

Constitutional Grounds, a political activist organization, has sent their first annual Constitutional Questionnaire to candidates registered to run in the Oklahoma June primaries.

BROKEN ARROW, OK, May 3, 2022 – Spring is campaign season for candidates running in political primary races in Oklahoma. Spring is also candidate questionnaire season as various political and special interest groups send their questionnaires to candidates.

Constitutional Grounds, a political activist organization, observed the need for a questionnaire that focuses on candidates’ knowledge of the US Constitution and Oklahoma State Constitution. The purpose of such a questionnaire is to determine each candidate’s ability to apply the principles of the constitutions to their role in elected office. Completion of the questionnaire affords candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding, and ability to apply the concepts of the Federal and State constitutions.

The Constitutional Questionnaire has been sent to over 660 Oklahoma candidates by email. Candidates can also view and complete the questionnaire by accessing it on the Constitutional Grounds website. Candidates are requested to cite the Article and Section of the applicable constitution(s) when providing their answer.

The submission deadline for the questionnaire is May 15, 2022. Responses from candidates will be published on the Constitutional Grounds website by May 20th. The organization will also publish their answer key.

Constitutional Grounds is dedicated to restoring constitutional governance, at all levels – local, county, state, and federal. Upon election, candidates swear to support, obey, and defend both the Federal and Oklahoma constitutions. Because of this responsibility, the Constitutional Grounds questionnaire is meant to ascertain each candidate’s command of these documents.


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