Monday, May 23, 2022

Jett encourages Oklahomans to voice support of bill prohibiting vax mandates and passports

Jett encourages Oklahomans to voice support of bill prohibiting vaccine mandates and passports

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 20th) – With just days left in the legislative session, Sen. Shane Jett has amended House Bill 2335 to restrict state agencies from imposing vaccine mandates and requiring vaccine passports. The Shawnee Republican is encouraging Oklahomans to call their local senators and share their support of the legislation and ask that it be approved immediately. A list of state Senators is available at   

Jett’s changes would prohibit any state agency from using any rule, order, or other means to impose a vaccination requirement on the general public or any current or prospective state agency employee.  It would apply without exception to any vaccine authorized for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), any vaccine that has received accelerated approval from the FDA, and any vaccine that has been approved for less than five years. Exemptions would be provided for certain entities if the vaccine has been approved by the FDA for five years or more, including child care facilities, state agencies, any public charter, private or parochial school, the governing body of a public charter, private or parochial school, a school district, a school district board of education, institutions with the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education, and any technology center school.  The measure would also shield these entities from any damages arising from a person being diagnosed with a communicable disease.

“With the clock winding down on our ability to protect Oklahomans this session from unconstitutional vaccine mandates and vaccine passport requirements, it’s imperative that citizens reach out to their local Senators and ask them to let House Bill 2335 be heard immediately and approve it,” Jett said. “My floor substitute must be approved in both the Senate and the House in order to get to the governor’s desk before session adjourns next week. Time is of the essence and Oklahomans need to speak up if they want to protect their rights against government-imposed vaccines and vaccine passports.”

Additionally, HB 2335 would not preclude a state agency or entity subject to the regulation of a state or federal agency from adhering to any federal requirement. It would require accommodation of medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions if applicable. Finally, the bill would require reporting of information on vaccine requirements and exemptions.

Rep. Jay Steagall, R-Yukon, is the principal House author of the measure.

[Jett proposed floor sub HB 2335.pdf]

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