Saturday, May 07, 2022

OKC FOX 25 skewered over firearms-illiterate article

Yesterday, Oklahoma City's FOX 25 News posted an article on Facebook that perfectly illustrated the sheer incompetence of the overwhelming majority of news media outlets when it comes to anything related to firearms.

Here's a screenshot of their social media post:

There's so much wrong, it's hard to know where to start. So, I've selected a few of the best comments:

Sounds likely.


A true Oklahoman!

Straight facts,


This was my personal favorite, until...

... I saw this one! 🥇

I asked Link and Susan Mock of Glenndale Grace Firearms & Training to comment on the topic:

Link: Well, although the switch does exists and it is illegal to have a full auto anything without a license, their math is a little off. 30 rounds in 2 seconds would be 900 rounds a minute; but, then you take off the loading times of about 1 second for each magazine (not a clip) which brings it down to about 600 rounds. I have had a handgun go full auto due to a defect, and they are very hard to hold on target so maybe the first round goes in the right direction but the rest go out of control. Not good at all. Also when a gun of this type is fired full auto they have many jams that slow this down even more. But my knee jerk is always “…shall not be infringed.”
Susan: I'm going to add that the FBI has a plethora of stats on mass shootings since Columbine. Those shooters had modern semi automatic weapons yet the active fire times were that of a Revolutionary era musket!! When folks aren't shooting back, the deranged shooter can take his time.

If you're in the Muskogee area, be sure and take a stop at the Glenndale Grace Firearms store and gun range north of town on U.S. Highway 69.


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