Thursday, March 29, 2018

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite: "Game on!"

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! is dismayed, but not surprised by yesterday’s State Senate vote to pass HB1010XX. We will respond!

In an era of big spending, big government, big egos and big lies, the passage of HB1010XX is a shameful slap in the face of Taxpayers and for many, a betrayal of their word of honor when they signed pledges NOT to raise taxes. Untrustworthy oath-breakers lead our state.

For eight years, Governor Fallin and the GOP have had super majorities in the both the state Senate and House. They’ve squandered their opportunity to make structural reforms and institute real fiscal responsibility in state government. Now we’ve been subjected to the obscene applause and joy as they celebrated their abject failure of leadership while violating the very principles of their own Oklahoma GOP Platform.

Governor Fallin and the legislative leaders who pushed this are an embarrassment to their party, bring national shame to our state, and have betrayed Taxpayers who elected them. State Question 640 specifically mandates that ALL new tax increases be sent to the Taxpayers for a vote. The 75% supermajority vote of both Houses was meant to be used only for a real emergency, which this is not. Numerous proposals have shown how the teachers can get a pay raise without raising taxes.

Wasting no time, Governor Fallin says she will sign the bill today by hosting a "signing party." She has pushed tax increase on the citizens of Oklahoma for years, while promoting and maneuvering agency bureaucrats who have overseen “accounting tricks” that hid millions of dollars and covered up corruption and mismanagement. Taxpayers across the state believe that’s the real reason she wants tax increases. More fraud exists, as evidenced by today’s local paper.


Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! supports the courageous legislators who have been fighting against tax increases and calling for enacting fiscal reforms and oversight rather than raise taxes. Our coalition is here to support them and recruit candidates to run against all the tax hogs at the legislature. We will also soon start a petition drive for a VETO REFERENDUM to overturn HB1010XX, as well as any other measures to levy more burden on beleaguered Oklahoma Taxpayers.

We remind the marble oligarch crowd that WE THE PEOPLE are their employers, not the Political Class. Taxpayers will not take this abuse lying down. Fish rot from the head. Governor Fallin is an oath-breaker who violated her own taxpayer protection pledge, which she signed May 2010.

The 2018 Oklahoma TAXPAYER PROTECTION PLEDGE BREAKERS are as follows: Governor Mary Fallin, Representatives Josh Cockroft, Randy McDaniel, Charles Ortega, Leslie Osborn, Dustin Roberts, Mike Sanders, Earl Sears, Chris Kannady, Michael Rogers, Scooter Park, Dennis Casey, Senators Kim David, OKC Mayor-Elect David Holt, and AJ Griffin. But almost all state legislators campaign on a low-tax platform.

Taxpayers were insulted and horrified to watch both chambers pass the largest tax hike in history and immediately congratulate each other with hugs and high fives. This is not a time to celebrate, friends. The taxpayers of Oklahoma are prepared to crash your party.

The VETO REFERENDUM is the state constitution’s solution for runaway government. The people will have their voice. Taxpayers demand that we use State Question 640 as it was intended. Let the people decide.

Learn more about Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! by visiting their website at Follow the movement on Facebook and Twitter.


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