Friday, March 16, 2018

John Doak slams vote to weaken SQ640

In a post on Facebook, Insurance Commissioner John Doak slammed the State House GOP for voting to pass HJR 1050, which would weaken the Constitutional language put in place by SQ640 and make it easier for the Legislature to raise taxes without a vote of the people.

Doak wrote, Hard to believe this vote has happened in Oklahoma, I understand that Republicans have arrived at the flawed conclusion that this will ease the power of the Democrats, just wait till the Democrats take back the house with votes like this in my opinion. This has just paved the way for higher taxes in Oklahoma. (Republicans who think a majority is here to stay need to think again, our party needs to remain true to our principles) Our party is not the party of bigger state Government and raising taxes! This vote I fear will have significant political consequences. This is my personal opinion! Our party needs to govern by continuing to increase efficiency and effectiveness of limited Government and lowering taxes not making it easier to raise by lowering the threshold of votes needed. 

There is a war on for the heart and soul of the Oklahoma Republican Party, and John Doak is on the right side.


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