Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Richardson launches new TV ad campaign


    Gary Richardson, conservative GOP candidate for Governor, begins a new television ad campaign this week.  The commercial will showcase Richardson’s successful history of fighting corruption in Oklahoma.

    “President Ronald Reagan entrusted me to help clean up Oklahoma’s County Commissioner scandal when he appointed me as US attorney,” Gary Richardson says. “We ended up convicting 230 people connected to that scandal. I despise corruption, the idea of anyone stealing from taxpayers infuriates me, and a cleanup of Oklahoma state government is long overdue. Corruption and mismanagement is a cancer destroying this state. As governor, I will weed out and prosecute anyone and everyone ripping off the people of Oklahoma.”

    The television commercial, entitled Reagan Trusted, will begin airing this week across the state.

    Gary Richardson is a native Oklahoman, a former US Attorney appointed by President Reagan and founder of a nationally-renowned law firm in Tulsa.

    For more information on Gary Richardson’s campaign for Governor of Oklahoma visit his website at

View the ad here:


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