Monday, March 05, 2018

Platform Index: State House rated for Special Session votes

This morning, posted a 'Platform Index' voting record chart for the two special sessions the legislature has been in since September. Similar to the Oklahoma Constitution's Conservative Index, as well as other rating systems, the Platform Index tracked conservative and liberal votes during special session. Due to most of the recorded votes taking place in the House and not receiving a vote in the Senate, the Senate was not scored in this Index.

20 Republicans and 6 Democrats scored a 60 or better. 12 Republicans scored a perfect 100, while 4 Republicans and 2 Democrats got an 80.

On the other end, 4 Republicans (including Labor Commissioner candidate Leslie Osborn) scored zero conservative votes, earning a 0. 32 Republicans and 5 Democrats got a 20 on the Index.

Ironically, the average score for Republicans and Democrats are nearly identical: the Republican average is 42.12, while the Democrat average is 42.11.

Scores for the Muskogee-area representatives; only Rep. George Faught (R-Muskogee) got a passing grade:

  • George Faught (R-HD14): 80
  • Scott Fetgatter (R-HD16): 40
  • Matt Meredith (D-HD4): 40
  • Kevin McDugle (R-HD12): 25
  • Avery Frix (R-HD13): 20
  • Ed Cannaday (D-HD15): 20
Here are the full results:


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