Friday, March 09, 2018

68 State Representatives think Oklahoma needs MORE gambling

Yesterday, the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed HB3375, which 'would expand state-tribal gaming in the state by offering compact supplements related to non-house-banked table games.'

The bill was pushed as a "revenue-raising measure", bringing in about $24,000,000 to state coffers in gaming fees. The fee tribes would pay would be 10% of the monthly net for these games.

68 Representatives believe that Oklahoma needs its citizens to spend another $240,000,000 of their hard-earned income on gambling. Tribes paid the FY 2016 exclusivity fees based on nearly $2.2 billion in revenue generated from Class III electronic games1 and nonhouse-banked card games. (2016 Gaming Compliance Annual Report)

That means 68 representatives believe that Oklahomans need to gamble almost 11% more than they already do.

Just a few notes on gambling in Oklahoma:

  • Oklahoma is tied for the most casinos per-capita
  • Oklahoma has the 2nd most gaming machines per capita
  • An estimated 2.2% of Oklahoma adults (63,196 citizens) were believed to manifest a gambling disorder in 2013. (2013 National Survey of Problem Gambling Services)
  • In 2012, about 11,000 complusive-gambling Oklahomans were temporarily or permanently banned from gambling at Indian casions

So yes, if Oklahoma needs anything else, we need even more gambling, even more gambling addiction, even more bankruptcies and family problems, and even more social ills relating to gambling.

Way to go, Oklahoma House of Representatives.


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