Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Gov. Stitt endorses Sean Roberts for Labor Commissioner

In a surprising move, Governor Kevin Stitt has endorsed State Rep. Sean Roberts in his bid to unseat incumbent [RINO] Labor Commissioner Leslie Osborn.

Roberts has been a leader among the conservatives in the State House, helping lead the fight against tax increases and passing legislation such as Constitutional Carry
In his endorsement, Stitt said: 
"Sean Roberts is a conservative leader who has fought to protect our freedoms and constitutional liberties. He has my support in this election to be Oklahoma's next Labor Commissioner, where I am confident he will bring his proven business experience to help us make Oklahoma a top 10 state."
Notably, Osborn was endorsed by the AFL-CIO in her 2018 campaign. That ought to tell you something. She voted for the largest tax hike since 1990. Osborn also voted for a measure that would have made it much easier for the Legislature to raise your taxes. Roberts voted against both of these bills.

Osborn was rated the 5th most liberal Republican (out of 75) in the State House by the American Conservative Union. Meanwhile, the ACU rates Roberts as the 2nd most conservative Republican in the State House.

The choice is clear when it comes to the GOP primary for Labor Commissioner. Liberal Leslie needs to lose. I concur with Governor Stitt -- vote for Sean Roberts.


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