Thursday, June 02, 2022

OK House Dems respond to recent shootings with major gun control proposal

True to form, Oklahoma House Democrats can't let a "crisis go to waste" in their desire to torch constitutional gun rights. They jumped in front of the cameras with a major gun control proposal. 

By the way, also true to form, none of what they came up with would have stopped the killers in the recent shootings they referenced. The modern Democratic Party is consumed with destroying the Constitution at just about every turn, but especially the Second Amendment. Just look north of the border to what Canada's little tyrant Trudeau is doing for what they'd really like to copy.

Needless to say, this won't go anywhere in the Oklahoma Legislature.

Democrats Push for Solutions to Gun Violence with SAVE Act

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 2nd) -- The House Democratic Caucus today at a press conference announced a series of responsible public-safety measures meant to prevent gun violence.

The Stand Against Violence and Extremism Act repeals existing laws deregulating gun use in Oklahoma. In addition, the SAVE Act institutes popular, bipartisan solutions to gun violence. 


  • Repeal Anti Red Flag Law (SB1081 from 2020)
  • Repeal Permitless Carry (HB2597 from 2019)
  • Repeal Conceal Carry in Zoos, Public Parks (HB2010 from 2019)
  • New Statewide Red Flag Law
  • New Waiting Period Law
  • New Legislation to Raise Minimum Purchase Age to 21

“Tulsa, Taft, Uvalde, these events are preventable,” said Rep. Monroe Nichols, D-Tulsa. “The SAVE Act is a common-sense approach to help prevent gun violence in Oklahoma. House Democrats refuse to sit idly as our citizens begin to fear grocery stores, hospitals, community events, and schools.”

Democrats want the legislation heard immediately, and the ongoing special session leaves a perfect opportunity.

“Let's be super clear, we could act on common-sense solutions to gun violence today if we wanted to,” said House Minority Leader Emily Virgin, D-Norman. “Oklahoma students will be in school in two months. If we fail to act before then, it will be because the Legislature has no will to do so. That's something that I hope all Oklahomans are paying attention to.

The lawmakers encourage Oklahomans, especially the media, to continue to ask community members if they support Oklahoma’s lack of regulation on firearms.

“We know there are teachers, members of law enforcement, and health care professionals who strongly advocate against permitless carry,” said Rep. Jason Lowe, D-OKC. “Oklahomans don’t want untrained people in public spaces with firearms. It's time to enact smart, common-sense legislation that protects lives.”

The minority caucus members pointed to support for their ideas from both Republicans and Democrats.

“Donald Trump supported Red Flag Laws when he was president,” Nichols said. “The solutions we are presenting are not ‘liberal’ ideas. They are common-sense, life-saving ideas. If a lawmaker doesn’t support the SAVE Act, I hope they are asked what their plan is to protect school children and public spaces.”  


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