Tuesday, June 07, 2022

GOP Senate candidates to meet in live, televised debate on Thursday

Five of the thirteen Republicans running for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Jim Inhofe will be featured in a live, commercial-free debate hosted by OKC's News 9 and Tulsa's News on 6 this Thursday at 7pm.

Per News on 6, the candidates have been narrowed down to a "top tier" comprised of Nathan Dahm, Luke Holland, Markwayne Mullin, Scott Pruitt, and TW Shannon.

Candidate Randy Grellner (who earlier spent an astounding $786k on TV ads) filed an injunction against News 9 for not including him in the debate, but a judge denied his case.

The only other candidate of some seriousness that seems to have been left out of the debate is Alex Gray. The rest (Michael Coibion, Jessica Jean Garrison, Adam Holley, Laura Moreno, Paul Royse, John Tompkins) are, no offense, no-name candidates with no money and no chance.


  1. I see Bennett who is very popular patriot for the people candidate is not listed. All I see are establishment candidates...RINOs on the stage.

    1. Wrong race. Bennett is running for US House, not US Senate.

  2. It's a shame that the liberal media can't even have a fair debate in the state of Oklahoma! Dr. Grellner should have been on that panel. He met ALL original requirements and represents rural Oklahoman's. Then Griffen Communications decided setting new. This tells me someone is using political pull to not have his voice heard!

  3. Agreed and I would say Dr. Grellner has the money!! I will not support this debate - by not being inclusive, it is obvious they are biased. Jamison, since when have you become so jaded in politics that one must have $$ to win?


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