Thursday, June 09, 2022

State Rep. Humphrey responds to Democrats' call for gun control

Humphrey Responds to Democrats' Call to Repeal Gun Laws

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Justin Humphrey, R-Lane, this week responded to House Democrats who are calling for what they say are responsible public-safety measures by introducing a proposal labeled the Stand Against Violence and Extremism (SAVE) Act. The SAVE Act would repeal existing laws deregulating gun use in Oklahoma and would institute other measures aimed at stopping gun violence.

"The SAVE Act is a completely counterfeit way of robbing all law-abiding Oklahomans of their Second Amendment rights and would increase gun regulations and requirements," Humphrey said. "The SAVE Act would profoundly abandon our existing constitutional rights and strives to repeal anti-red flag laws, permits and concealed carry in public places. Not only do Democrats desire to repeal your rights, but they are on a mission to adopt red flag laws, increase your waiting period for purchasing a firearm and increase the minimum age to purchases a firearm."

Democrat calls come on the heels of the recent shootings at a school in Uvalde, Texas, in Taft, OK, and at a hospital in Tulsa.

"Regrettably, politicians use tragic events to push their own political agendas," Humphrey said. "Democrats claim by taking your rights as a law-abiding citizen the state will somehow become safer. In fact, they assert this is a commonsense approach to preventing gun violence. If you read recent news reports, however, you find that cities with some of the most liberal policies, are the ones with the highest homicide rates. Therefore, how does one concluded restricting your rights will prevent gun violence? In fact, common sense,  statistical data and the Constitution support your right to bear arms authorizing you to protect yourself and your family."

Humphrey said the same talking points are raised every time a mass shooting happens in the nation. Instead of focusing on more restrictive gun laws, however, he would like to see the focus turn to what he sees as the root cause – mental health issues and moral decay.

"Our nation and state honor illicit perversion and demonize those who call it out," Humphrey said  "We tell our children there is no right or wrong, no absolutes. They are raised on violent shows and video games. We allow them to do anything with no punishment.  In fact, the state obstructs discipline in our schools and homes. We promote lawlessness and legalize every mind-altering drug. We see corruption in every branch of government, and we have not even started on the breakdown in our families and the absence of fathers. We have taken God out of every sector of society, and you can no longer distinguish most churches from the world. In short, we have fallen and have become a perishing nation of decay. Yet we appear shocked each time we experience a tragic event and immediately blame an instrument, like a firearm, instead of ourselves."

Despite all this, Humphrey said he still has enduring hope in the country - not in the government but in the people.

"It is time we the people take back our precious nation," Humphrey said. "Return our culture to the people, not government intrusion."

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