Thursday, June 16, 2022

Quinn receives endorsements from current and former Bartlesville-area legislators

State Senator Marty Quinn has been endorsed in his campaign for Congress by three current or former legislators from the Bartlesville area.

Quinn is one of 14 candidates for the 2nd Congressional District seat. Washington County, with its county seat of Bartlesville, is a brand-new addition to the District following redistricting, and will play a crucial role this primary in the election of the next congressman.

Endorsing Quinn are current State Sen. Julie Daniels, former State Sen. John Ford, and former State Rep. Earl Sears:

"Marty Quinn is a true and tested conservative.  He brought his experience as a small business owner and his commitment to reducing the size and scope of government to the Oklahoma Senate.  He fought successful battles to reduce taxes, reform our underfunded pension systems, reform the workers compensation system and increase parental choice in their children’s education - all the while supporting the lives of the unborn.

I know Marty as the conscience of the Senate.  With any proposal to increase the burden of government on the people, Senator Quinn says, “And what about the folks back home?  Do they get this benefit? Are we prepared to take more of their hard-earned money out of their pockets? Are we smarter than they are about how to spend their dollars?

I will miss working alongside Marty, but I look forward to having this reliable, hard-working conservative as my congressman. I want Mary Quinn to represent me and continue fighting for the 'Folks back home.'" - State Senator Julie Daniels

"I had the honor of serving with Senator Marty Quinn in the Oklahoma State Senate for several years. During this time, I came to appreciate that he is a true conservative that approaches issues in a mature, honest, and thoughtful manner. He is respected by the members of the Republican Caucus and is a leader in developing policies that are beneficial to the citizens of Oklahoma. In addition, his Christian beliefs are lived every day in his actions and involvement with others. It is my honor to endorse and support Marty Quinn to represent Oklahoma in the United States Congress." - John Ford, Former State Senator

"We need Marty Quinn in Washington, DC to stop the federal overreach. Being a fiscal conservative, he understands that Washington, DC must stop spending money we don't have. Marty is a man of his word, and you can trust him to do what he says he will do.  Marty Quinn is who we need to fight for all of us in Congressional District 2." - Earl Sears, Former State Representative

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  1. Sen Quinn would be a great congressman. He’s a real conservative and just a good guy. -Buddy Combs


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