Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Club for Growth group jumps in to boost Josh Brecheen's CD2 campaign

The School Freedom Fund, a Club for Growth affiliated group, has just put $260,000 into promoting the 2nd Congressional District candidacy of Josh Brecheen.

A former staffer for Sen. Tom Coburn and an ex-state senator (2010-2018), Brecheen is one of 14 Republicans running for the 2nd District seat. Club for Growth had a lengthy history of backing Dr. Coburn's political and legislative efforts, so in one sense this could be a final favor to the good doctor, whose widow, Carolyn, has endorsed Brecheen

The Fund is spending $212k on TV ad placement, $8k on radio ad placement, and another $27k on mailers (the rest of the $260k is in production costs).

Here's the TV ad that School Freedom Fund is running:


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