Friday, June 17, 2022

Barry Goldwater Jr. endorses AG John O’Connor

Barry Goldwater Jr. Endorses AG John O’Connor

Tulsa, OK (June 16th) – Today, Barry Goldwater Jr. has endorsed conservative Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor. 

Goldwater has spent his life advocating for conservative values, limited government, and defending our Constitution. 

“John O’Connor is the embodiment of conservatism, and his conservative values have molded him into one of the best Attorney Generals in the country,” said Barry Goldwater Jr.  “John O’Connor has consistently held the Biden Administration accountable when they overstep the rule of law, and strongly encourage Oklahomans to keep my conservative friend, John O’Connor as their Attorney General.”

“As the most conservative Attorney General in the country, I am deeply honored to have the endorsement of Barry Goldwater Jr., who has spent his life advocating for conservative ideas that have improved the lives of all Americans,” said Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor.  “If elected, I will continue to advocate for conservative, rule of law policies that will protect us from the dangerous, woke agenda stemming from Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.” 


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