Friday, June 24, 2022

Joy Hofmeister: we will fight to restore baby murder

RINO-turned Democrat Joy Hofmeister continues to reveal her true colors now that she's running for Governor as a Democrat. 

While Oklahomans celebrate the confirmation by the Supreme Court that Roe v. Wade has always been unconstitutional, Hofmeister says she'll fight to "restore" the fight to murder babies in the womb:

"The court’s decision today means millions of Oklahoma women have lost agency over their own lives and health care. 

We will fight to get it back. And we will ensure Oklahoma has a governor who will protect women and doctors. Today is a day to be strong. I will not be deterred."

I detailed more about Hofmeister's con act in this post, Hofmeister's Long Con: running for Gov as the Dem she's always been.

Not everyone who proclaims themselves to be a conservative (like Hofmeister did in 2014) is actually a conservative. As I posted the other day, a lot of them are frauds.

Reject Hofmeister.


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