Thursday, June 09, 2022

Senate candidate Alex Gray signs taxpayer protection pledge


Oklahoma City, OK – Former Trump national security official and U.S. Senate candidate Alex Gray announced that he has recently signed the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) Taxpayer Protection Pledge. 

Gray had the following to say:

“I returned to my home state of Oklahoma after serving under President Trump and became a small business owner. President Trump’s leadership success was inseparable from his expertise as a businessman, and the private sector perspective he brought to the White House helped unleash unprecedented prosperity. 

Witnessing his advocacy for small business owners across the nation deeply impacted me when I set out to start my own business. I understand how tax burdens from big government on small business owners can be crippling, while entrepreneurs are also a positive force multiplier benefitting our local and state economies. 

Increasing tax burdens should not be the answer to counter this president’s reckless government spending! We must limit government and insist on fiscal accountability by upholding Conservative values, and we should also stop harmful tax increases. 

By signing this Taxpayer Protection Pledge, I commit to fighting tax increases while serving as the people’s Senator. Americans have to live within their means, and so should government! My word is my bond, and as the next Senator for Oklahoma, this pledge will be honored.”


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