Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Constitutional Carry passes Senate, signed by Gov. Stitt

Governor Stitt signs Constitutional Carry (photo courtesy of Aaron Brilbeck with News9)
Governor Kevin Stitt has signed his first bill into law, applying his signature to House Bill 2597 ("Constitutional Carry") a short while ago at a bill signing ceremony at the State Capitol.

Below is the press release from the Senate following passage, and underneath are comments from State Rep. Sean Roberts and State Sen. Nathan Dahm (all were sent before Governor Stitt signed the measure):

Senate sends constitutional carry bill to governor’s desk

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Senate on Wednesday sent the constitutional carry bill to the governor’s desk. House Bill 2597, authored in the Senate by Majority Floor Leader Kim David, was approved with a bipartisan vote of 40-6.

The bill:
  • Permits Oklahomans age 21 and older to carry a firearm without a permit.
  • Permits veterans, active duty, and reserve military age 18 and over to carry without a permit.
  • Prohibits felons and those with domestic violence convictions or who have been adjudicated as having a mental illness from carrying a firearm.
Additionally, the bill maintains current protections allowing private property owners to prohibit firearms from being carried onto their property. The bill also maintains the ability of higher education institutions to set their own policies regarding the carrying of firearms on campuses.

Upon the governor’s signature, Oklahoma would become the 16th state to allow constitutional carry. The citizens of the 15 states where constitutional carry is allowed can carry without a permit in Oklahoma. Bordering constitutional carry states include Kansas, Arkansas, and Missouri.

“This is great legislation that enhances and strengthens both Second Amendment rights and private property rights of Oklahomans. This bill also grants the same rights and trust to Oklahomans that the citizens of 15 other states have had in our state for years. I appreciate the members of the Senate for sending this measure to the governor’s desk and look forward to it being signed into law,” said David, R-Porter.

“Second Amendment rights and property rights are not mutually exclusive, and this bill strikes the right balance to strengthen and enhance both rights of Oklahoma citizens. I congratulate Senator Kim David on all of her hard work in getting this bill through the legislative process and look forward to it gaining the governor’s signature,” said Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City.

Rep. Sean Roberts Comments on Signing of Constitutional Carry Law

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Sean Roberts, R-Hominy, commented today on Gov. Stitt’s signing of House Bill 2597, otherwise known as constitutional carry:

“Law-abiding citizens should have the ability to exercise their Constitutional right to carry firearms without government interference. Passing Constitutional carry has been one of my priorities for several years, and I’m pleased my colleagues in the Senate overwhelmingly voted to uphold the Second Amendment rights of Oklahoma’s citizens. I am grateful to Governor Stitt for his strong support of this bill and his willingness to address this important issue and I look forward to continuing the fight to uphold our Constitutional rights.”

Senator Dahm comments on passage of Constitutional Carry Bill

On Wednesday, the Oklahoma State Senate passed House Bill 2597, which would restore 2nd Amendment Rights for law-abiding Oklahomans by enacting Constitutional Carry in Oklahoma. Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, released the following statement regarding passage of the measure.

“The core function of government should be protecting fundamental rights. It is encouraging to see the legislature pass bills that restore our rights. This has been an effort over many years, and I’m extremely thankful for all those who boldly led the charge to restore our rights and appreciate all those who finally voted for this bill.”

Sen. Dahm’s response to questions regarding whether Gov. Stitt would sign the legislation -

“There is a renewed energy at the Capitol with the leadership we have seen from Governor Stitt. It’s encouraging to finally have a Governor who has shown leadership and a desire to defend the rights of the people. I look forward to the Governor having the opportunity to sign legislation restoring fundamental rights as his first bill signed into law. And I look forward to working with him and his administration for years to come to set Oklahoma on a path for future generations to benefit from in every area.”

HB2597 would keep the existing licensing option for those who choose to use that path and would also create the ability for law-abiding citizens 21 and up or military members 18 and up to legally carry a firearm for self-defense without that requirement. Thirteen other states have already enacted Constitutional Carry laws with South Dakota passing it just last month. Oklahoma law currently allows the citizens of those states to exercise their Constitutional Carry rights in Oklahoma and HB2597 would extend that same right to law-abiding Oklahomans as well.


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