Thursday, February 28, 2019

Stitt comments on signing Constitutional Carry; House Dem Leader decries

Following Governor Stitt's signing of the Constitutional Carry bill yesterday, his office sent out the following press release. I'm also posting the reaction from House Minority Leader Emily Virgin, underneath Stitt's statement.


Oklahoma City, Okla. (February 27, 2019) – Governor Kevin Stitt today signed House Bill 2597, which establishes “Constitutional Carry” in the state of Oklahoma.

“Oklahomans are strong supporters of the Second Amendment, and they made their voice known as I traveled across all 77 counties last year,” said Stitt. “I would like to thank Representative Jon Echols and Senator Kim David for championing this piece of legislation and for finding balance for both private property owners and our Second Amendment rights.”

HB 2597 establishes “Constitutional Carry,” allowing the concealed or unconcealed carry of firearms by any person who is at least twenty-one years of age or at least eighteen years of age and in the military, if the person is not otherwise disqualified to purchase a firearm.

Provisions in the bill include the following:
  • Under the bill, you cannot carry a concealed or unconcealed handgun in public and private schools K-college, public or private sports arenas, gambling facilities, government buildings, and private businesses, unless allowed by owner.  
  • The bill maintains current law that you must pass a background check to purchase a gun.
  • The bill maintains current law that you must disclose guns in your possession when requested by law enforcement officer.
  • The bill maintains current law that those convicted with a felony cannot own or buy a gun.
  • Gun owners can still obtain a license in Oklahoma, with reciprocity recognized in multiple states across the nation.
HB 2597 goes into effect November 1, 2019.

Leader Virgin Releases Statement on Permitless Carry

OKLAHOMA CITY – House Minority Leader Emily Virgin (D-Norman) released the following statement after Gov. Kevin Stitt signed permitless carry legislation into law today.

“It is disappointing that this issue is clearly the top priority for the Republicans at 23rd & Lincoln given that it's the first and only bill that has been fast-tracked through the legislative process and signed by the Governor,” Virgin said. “We're facing many issues as a state, but access to firearms isn't one of them. We have schools falling apart, teachers leaving and rural hospitals closing. It seems out of touch that Oklahoma’s government has spent so much time on this dangerous and reckless legislation. I hope next week we can finally start talking about how to expand Medicaid and get more money into Oklahoma’s public school classrooms.”

Supplemental Information from [Blogger's note: this is a far-left anti-gun organization started by anti-gun fanatic and former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, who put $400k into ousting 5th District Congressman Steve Russell in the 2018 election with a related PAC]:

  • 2003 Alaska adopted permit less carry by 2017 their rates of assault with a firearm increased by 82%.
  • 2010 Arizona adopted permit less carry by 2017 their rates of assault with a firearm increased by 39%.
  • 2017 Missouri adopted permit less carry and St. Louis saw a 25% increase in assault with a firearm compared to 2016.
  • 88% of Americans think you should get a permit before carrying a handgun in public.


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