Thursday, February 20, 2020

Edmond First Baptist Pastor: give SB13 a fair hearing

Pastor Blake Gideon of Edmond First Baptist Church released a public statement yesterday, calling on the Oklahoma Legislature to give a hearing to "all bills with the intent of ending abortion", including Senate Bill 13, the Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act.

A month ago today, Pastor Gideon delivered a strong message on the sanctity of human life, including this statement: "I'm tired of incrementalism... I'm tired of kicking the ball down the field... it's time that we end the game! It's the fourth quarter, ten seconds left on the clock, we're in the redzone, we're down by one, it's time to punch the ball the ball across the goal line and end abortion in the state of Oklahoma!"

Gideon is the President of the Oklahoma Baptists (formerly called the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma), but is speaking personally and in his role as EFBC Pastor. A BGCO statement would be from Executive Director Dr. Hance Dilbeck.