Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Silk blasts critics of Abortion Abolition bill over new anonymous attack site

Sen. Joseph Silk issues statement regarding opposition to Senate Bill 13

In a statement released Thursday, Sen. Joseph Silk, R-Broken Bow, criticized unnamed pro-life leaders that he claims are spreading blatantly false information regarding Senate Bill 13, also known as the Abolition of Abortion Act. The statement came after a new website in opposition of SB 13 was launched. The origin and creator of the website are unknown.

"Oklahomans who value life are infuriated that someone claiming to be pro-life has spent time and money building and promoting a website that opposes equal protection for unborn Oklahomans,” Silk said. “The fact that this person or group is doing this while 14 innocent, unborn children are brutally murdered every day in our state shows the true evilness in their hypocrisy and deceitfulness. Additionally, the fact that the person who owns this domain has hidden his name raises huge questions about the true intent of the site. Even after the public outcry last year, it is apparent that some leaders among our churches and pro-life groups still don’t get the message that the people of Oklahoma want the political games to stop and abortion to end immediately.”

The measure, which seeks to bring an immediate end to the practice of abortion in Oklahoma and offers equal protection to all unborn children, was opposed by the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, Catholic Arch Diocese in Oklahoma City, Oklahomans for Life, and Pam Pollard, chairman of the State Republican Party, during the 2019 legislative session.

Within months of their opposition, grassroots efforts from the Oklahoma State Republican Party, pastors and members of both the Oklahoma Baptists and Freewill Baptists, all adopted resolutions at their conventions calling for the immediate end of abortion in Oklahoma or a vote on the measure.

"My hope is that we can all move forward together to end the ongoing holocaust of 5,000 Oklahoma children that are murdered every year,” Silk said. “Apparently, even after almost 50 years of pro-life failures, some among us continue to fight against equal protection for unborn children. I encourage anyone interested in these new developments to contact my office for more information."


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