Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Rose Day postponed due to winter storm

Rose Day, the annual pro-life rally held at the Oklahoma State Capitol, has been postponed indefinitely due to the impending winter storm that is set to drop anywhere from 4" to 8" of snow on the Oklahoma City metro.

Here's the announcement from Oklahomans for Life:

For those who planned to go to Rose Day and are interested in taking action on behalf of the preborn, more Oklahomans will be gathering next Tuesday (February 11th) in a rally calling on the Legislature and Governor Stitt to abolish abortion by passing Senate Bill 13 and signing into law.

An overwhelming majority of the Legislature claims to be pro-life, yet at the same time they refuse to take any sort of significant action when it comes to ending the abortion holocaust in Oklahoma. The Abolition Day rally aims to mark a new direction in the fight against abortion -- attacking it headlong rather than trimming around the edges.


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