Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Muskogee mayoral race goes to runoff between Coleman and Divelbiss

L-R: Muskogee mayoral candidates Marlon Coleman and Wayne Divelbiss
Polls have closed in Muskogee, and the votes have been counted. In a five-way race for mayor, the field has been winnowed down to a runoff between city councilman Marlon Coleman and two-time candidate Wayne Divelbiss. Divelbiss ran a well-funded, but very negative campaign, finishing ahead of sitting mayor Janey Cagle-Boydston to avoid missing the runoff.

A former city councilor herself, Boydston has been serving as mayor since April 2019, when Bob Coburn resigned to take an appointment with the Oklahoma Transportation Commission.

I believe the runoff will be held on April 7th. Municipal elections in Muskogee are nonpartisan.

Final (uncertified) vote tally:
  1. Marlon Coleman: 39.63%
  2. Wayne Divelbiss: 29.91%
  3. Janey Cagle Boydston: 23.66%
  4. Tracy Cole: 5.25%
  5. John Lowrimore: 1.56%
Here's a quick map of the results, showing who came in first in each precinct. Some of them are very close, such as Precinct 7, where Divelbiss beat out Coleman by a vote of 181 to 180:
Also, in case anyone complains about the colors, I go with the main color of the candidates' signage/logo. It's how my maps have worked for almost a decade when it comes to primaries or nonpartisan elections.

In the city council races, Stephanie Morgan cruised to victory in Ward 1 (full term) over former city councilor David Ragsdale, 71.48% to 28.52%. In the race for the unfinished term in Ward 1 (vacated by then-vice mayor Janey Boydston when she succeeded Coburn mayor), Evelyn Hibbs defeated Ashley Davis 64.49% to 35.51%. 

In Ward 4, Traci McGee (52.47%) defeated incumbent councilor Wayne Johnson (34.41% and fellow challenger James Webb (13.12%).

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  1. Your welcome to call it “a very negative campaign” but, sometimes the truth hurts! I prefer my mayor to be transparent and not sugarcoat his beliefs!


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