Saturday, February 01, 2020

GOP legislative leaders to Chamber: we absolutely will not hear campus-carry bill

GOP legislative leadership told their masters in the Chamber of Commerce on Thursday that the Second Amendment is as valid as the First Amendment on the college campus in Oklahoma.

Wait. Who am I kidding. That's not what they said.

"As long as I'm floor leader, we will not have the guns on campus bill hit the floor of the Oklahoma House of Representatives," said House Majority Floor Leader Jon Echols (R-OKC). Echols is responsible for controlling which measures receive floor votes in the lower chamber.

Senate President Greg Treat said "I was very supportive of (constitutional carry); I would not be supportive of going further on with college campuses."

Both apparently touted their pro-gun credentials in the process, with Echols boasting of his past A+ NRA and A++ OK2A ratings before proclaiming that he would oppose the Second Amendment in this case. Media noted that "Chamber members applauded his statement."

Congrats on their approval, guys.

You can read more about the Chamber meeting here from the Oklahoman.

Nothing softens a Republican legislative leaders spine like Chamber approval, as we've seen in the fight to end abortion.

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  1. The truth is known when someone says, "I support the 2nd Amendment but...."


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