Friday, February 21, 2020

Lowe's repeal of Constitutional Carry fails 1 to 11 in committee vote

State Rep. Jason Lowe (D-OKC) has been the leading figure in efforts to repeal Constitutional Carry. Back in August, Rep. Lowe filed an initiative petition to put a repeal on the statewide ballot. That drive fell far short of the requisite number of signatures.

Lowe filed a bill (HB 3357) this session to repeal the Constitutional Carry law. HB 3357 received a hearing in the House Public Safety Committee yesterday. It was shot down in a bipartisan vote, with 11 opposed and just one in favor.

Another initiative petition has been filed by Lowe and his anti-gun allies. If it receives enough signatures (about 90,000), it would become State Question 809.


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