Wednesday, February 26, 2020

TW Shannon to Dems: Stop promising me 40 acres and a mule

Former Oklahoma House Speaker T.W. Shannon had some strong reaction to the Democratic presidential debate last night:
This debate is embarrassing at best and disingenuous at worst. Every Time black voters are mentioned someone promises billions of dollars in free stuff. It’s offensive. Black communities like other communities need access to a quality education and job opportunities-not promises of free stuff the federal government can’t afford. The greater the freedom, the greater the prosperity. Stop promising me 40 acres and a mule. #woke

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  1. For T. W. Shannon,

    Just saw you on FOX, which might not be the place to enhance your resume'. You mentioned how the Dems had allowed the radicals to take over their party.

    Really? Donald Trump is THE biggest liar and radical ever to occupy our White House. He is currently attempting to change and possibly destroy our form of government. Look at what you did per Donald Trump:

    You overlooked the Billy Bush tape on which Trump bragged about being able to grab women and girls "by their pussy" because he was rich and famous.

    You overlooked his 3700 lawsuits.

    You overlooked his 6 bankruptcies and 9 other failed businesses.

    You overlooked the many times he screwed banks,his workers, and business associates and small business owners who did work for him.

    You overlooked coward Trump begging for and getting 5 military deferments to avoid serving his country. 

    You overlooked his many wives, mistresses and bimbo's.

    Trump paid a porn star $130,000 to try to keep her quiet. He did this exactly 11 days prior to the 2016 election.

    Trump did this because he was banging Stormy and Karen McDougal in CA while Melania was at home in NYC with 4 month old Barron.

    Trump called almost every other GOP candidate childish but disgusting names.

    You overlooked Trump taking out a full page ad calling for the execution of the "Central Park Five"...who were all later proved to be innocent!

    Trump said (about 97 times) that Mexico would pay for his wall. Never did the liar say "indirectly" as he now proclaims.

    Trump said he would "balance" our yearly budget and said he would "eliminate" our National Debt in 8 years. How did those two gems work out?

    Trump said that, if elected, "unlike Obama" he would "not have time" to play golf. Trump has played golf 227 times!

    Trump said he would eliminate the AMT and the carried interest loophole.

    Trump said he would release his tax returns.

    Trump said he would enact term limits.

    Gee, what could go wrong if we elected such a piggish human being?

    So seriously, do you not know these facts or do you just cleverly pretend they never happened?

    But if you want more info on the inept, immoral con man who right now is attempting to overthrow a legal election, feel free to contact me. I'm retired and work at a very reasonable rate!

    Take care.

    Ed C Sr


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