Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Morton Blackwell's Conservative Leadership PAC endorses Hill for Congress

Fresh on the heels of an endorsement by David Barton, 5th District GOP candidate David Hill has announced another endorsement by a respected conservative icon:

Conservative Leadership PAC Endorses David Hill for U.S. Congress
Conservative Icon Morton Blackwell describes Hill as “the conservative champion we need.”

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Conservative Leadership PAC announced its endorsement of David Hill in the Republican primary for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District.

"David Hill’s real-world business experience and conservative values make him the right choice in this race," said Morton Blackwell, founder and Chairman of the Conservative Leadership PAC.  "Today more than ever, we need true conservatives, not politicians who are conservative when standing for election but moderates or liberals when in office," Blackwell continued.  "David Hill is the conservative champion we need on Capitol Hill. We are excited to support him."

Hill is a pro-life conservative who operates a manufacturing company in Oklahoma City and has never held political office.

The endorsement of the Conservative Leadership PAC is accompanied by the organization engaging young Republicans to actively work on the ground to support David Hill's campaign.

Founded in 1990, the Conservative Leadership PAC has actively engaged in races across the nation, helping to elect true conservatives.

"To say I am pleased to have this endorsement is an understatement," said Hill. "This is yet another indication of the momentum our campaign has built, and I am confident the energy of these young folks working with us will put us over the top," Hill continued.

"To have the support of a conservative icon like Morton Blackwell is incredibly humbling," Hill concluded. "Morton Blackwell has been a grassroots Republican since the days of Barry Goldwater, served in the Reagan White House, and has never lost sight of his conservative bearings, while continuing to bring new generations of activists to our cause. You have my commitment – I will not let Mr. Blackwell, or the conservative movement, down."


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