Tuesday, May 05, 2020

OKGOP warns of "imminent voter fraud", calls for action to reverse Supreme Court ruling regarding absentee ballots

From OKGOP Chairman David McLain:

Call to Action

Yesterday, May 4, 2020, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled to remove the requirement of providing a copy of an Oklahoma photo ID OR Notary Stamp to verify a voter's authenticity when voting by Absentee Ballot. The ruling states all that is necessary now is just a signature on the ballot, with NO proof that it is your ballot and your vote!

If we think the potential for voter fraud was bad before, this type of ruling guarantees a California style of voting and voter fraud like we have NEVER seen in this state! Imagine all the Absentee Ballots that will be sent in by deceased voters! Imagine the vulnerability of our Oklahomans by any group "helping" our seniors fill out ballots at nursing and convalescent homes.

 We at the Oklahoma Republican Party applaud our leadership in both the House and the Senate by bringing forth SB1779  which, when passed, will again ensure and maintain the integrity of our elections.

We strongly encourage you to reach out and talk to your legislators and let them know you support SB1779 .

 Our Oklahoma legislators are just as upset as we are and need to hear encouragement from YOU!

While the Oklahoma Supreme Court has failed to keep our Oklahoma voting process secure and proper, we thank Justice Kane, Justice Rowe and Justice Winchester for voting against this horrible injustice to our great state of Oklahoma!

Send this to EVERYONE you know and encourage them to call their legislator in SUPPORT OF SB1779!!


David McLain, Chairman
Oklahoma Republican Party


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