Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Neese: striking down absentee notorization will "open the gates to voter fraud"


Oklahoma City, OK -- Terry Neese, Republican candidate for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, released the following statement today after the Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down the notary requirement for absentee ballots:

"Allowing absentee ballots to be submitted without notarization is a reckless and dangerous decision that will open the gates to voter fraud in our elections. Whether its ballot harvesting or opposing voter identification requirements, Democrats across the nation are compromising voter integrity and destroying the sanctity of our electoral process — and now we have seen it here in Oklahoma. I wholeheartedly disagree with the decision made by the Democratic-leaning Oklahoma Supreme Court and I will do everything in my power to uphold checks and balances when I am in Congress."

Terry Neese is a third-generation Oklahoman, a conservative Republican, and award-winning small businesswoman who has found and created over 37,000 jobs. For more information on Terry or her campaign, please visit NeeseForCongress.com.

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  1. So 47 out of 50 states are wrong? No, Neese, the State Supreme Court got it right!! Morality can't be legislated. We need leaders not roadblocks. It's time the voters reassess our leadership. Good luck on your next election. Perhaps you'll be voted out by absentee ballot.


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