Friday, May 15, 2020

The Oklahoma Capitol Press Corps renders invaluable service to citizens

While Oklahomans are busy at work, the State Legislature deliberates on legislation that will affect their lives. Keeping up with events at the Capitol can be nigh impossible for the average citizen, especially when the Legislature runs late-night sessions and committee meetings, pulls legislation out at the last minute, and operates in ways and uses language that the average Oklahoman is unfamiliar with.

Unknown to most people, there is a small band of journalists and media personnel that are assigned to observing the legislative session, many of whom do as-it-happens reporting on Twitter rather than just the evening print or television stories. They bring much needed light and transparency to an oftentimes dim and hidden state government.

Several of the journalists on the list below tweet details from committee meetings, floor activities, snippets from floor debate, practically everything that happens with or without a microphone in the Legislature.

These individuals provide an invaluable realtime service to the people of Oklahoma. When I'm working or unable to personally watch or listen to proceedings in the Legislature, I monitor tweets from these dedicated reporters in order to stay in the loop with what is going on at 23rd and Lincoln.

Below is a list of the Capitol press corps that is active on Twitter:

Shawn Ashley (@eCapitol_Shawn), Tyler Talley (@tylertalley22), and Sidney Van Wik Lee (@SidneyVanWykLee with eCapitol (@eCapitol_House@eCapitol_Senate, and @eCapitol)
Trevor Brown (@tbrownOKC) with Oklahoma Watch (@OklahomaWatch)
Tres Savage with NonDoc (@thricesavage and @nondocmedia)
Carmen Forman (@CarmenMForman) with The Oklahoman
Dillon Richards, KOCO (@KOCODillon)

The following reporters are also in the Capitol regularly or report on Capitol news, although they tend to be less active with as-it-happens tweets:

Aaron Brilbeck, News9 (@AaronBrilbeck9)
Randy Krehbiel, Tulsa World (@rkrehbiel)
Barbara Hoberock, Tulsa World (@bhoberock)
Sean Murphy, Associated Press (@apseanmurphy)

If I missed anyone else that should be included, send it to me on Twitter or via email.

I've created the Twitter list below, featuring tweets from these reporters (and a few others), which you can follow as well. Please join me in thanking these journalists for their service to the citizens of Oklahoma.


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