Monday, May 25, 2020

Tom Coburn's annual gift to taxpayers: GAO duplication report savings now total over $400 Billion

Coburn Originated Duplication Report Savings Now Total Over $400 Billion

The 10th edition of the Government Accountability Office (GAO) duplication report came out this week. With it, comes a massive update in its projected savings.

Since the report’s inception, GAO reports that it has generated $439 billion in taxpayer savings, up $166 billion from just last year!

The annual GAO Duplication report was created by an amendment offered by our late founder, Senator Coburn during the 2010 debt ceiling hike debate (you can read more about the history and legacy of this amendment in a joint op-ed I published with Dan Lips here).

Since 2011, GAO has outlined 908 actions across 325 areas of duplication, fragmentation, and inefficiencies for Congress and the Executive Branch to address.

The good news is, 519 of these have been addressed (57 percent) resulting in $393 billion in financial benefits so far and $36 billion more yet to be accrued.

The not so great news, the other 43 percent of the recommended actions that have not been addressed represent tens of billions more in potential taxpayer savings. Notably, these recommendations pertain to the largest categories of spending in the federal government.

Read the rest at this link.


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