Friday, May 01, 2020

Hopkins challenging Mullin for Congress, focusing on Social Security issues

2nd District Congressman Markwayne Mullin is facing four challengers this year: Republicans Rhonda Hopkins and State Sen. Joseph Silk, Democrat Danyell Lanier, and Libertarian Richie Castaldo.

Rhonda Hopkins sent out the following introduction to voters, which I am posting in full:

My name is Rhonda Hopkins and I am a Republican candidate for United States Congress District 2.

I am a God fearing American who loves my family and cares greatly about the state of Oklahoma. I stand for economic opportunity, freedom of choice and reasonable taxes. In order to energize our local economies, we need to look at reducing regulations, using untapped resources and working with local citizens and tribes to improve our communities while safe guarding programs that assist those who are less fortunate.

I know we need a strong military and secure borders. I am a strong supporter of the first and second amendments. I say stop killing babies-choose life and improve social security for all.

Why run for public office some may ask? In looking at the state of our district and the way it is being represented to day, I know we are being done a disservice. The lack of accountability, vision and inability to keep promises has put our community on fragile footing.

Our current congressman Mark Wayne Mullin has turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to big issues like social security. As most people know social security is controlled by Congress. They decide how much goes into it, when you may retire and how much you will get in monthly payments. You do not own it and can not pass it on to anyone of your choice when you die.

It is way past time to give retirement ownership to individual Americans there by creating a ownership society in America. Because owning your own retirement account is good for you I support turning social security into a real trust fund which would: Make you owner of your own social security account: You would be able to retire at age 60 if you choose: You could leave your social security trust fund to anyone you choose when you die.

Should I receive the honor and ultimately the right to represent our district in Congress, I will pour every thing I can into serving with integrity and accountability.

Thank you fellow citizens. I look forward to talking to you and answering your questions. On Facebook my page is Hopkins for Congress.


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