Saturday, May 16, 2020

Stitt, Pinnell and Bynum comment on report that Tesla is considering Tulsa for new factory


OKLAHOMA CITY (May 15, 2020) – Governor Kevin Stitt released the following statement today in response to media reports regarding Tesla considering Oklahoma for a new factory:

“To the press, we can't comment on any pending proposals.

To Elon Musk and Tesla, the people of Oklahoma love our trucks, we love our rockets and we would love to partner with you here in our great state. As a Tulsan myself, I can tell you that confusing the names Tulsa and Tesla has happened more than once, so it would only be appropriate to have a Tesla factory right here.

Oklahoma is open for business and our world-class workforce, business-friendly policies and caring people make us an excellent choice for companies worldwide. When you consider our state’s central location – providing access to a wide customer base – and Tulsa’s nationally-recognized quality of life and strong manufacturing workforce, we would make a great long-term partner for a world-class company like Tesla.

When you factor in our state’s automotive engineer workforce tax credit, it makes even more financial sense for Tesla to set up shop in Tulsa.” – Governor Kevin Stitt

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum:
While I can not comment on potential projects, it is clear that Tesla and Tulsa were forged in the same spirit. Both founded by pioneers who dreamt big and made it happen. Both trying to change the world with a new kind of energy. Both investing big in what matters most: people. Tulsa is a city that doesn’t stifle entrepreneurs - we revere them. And as Tesla continues to rapidly change transportation all around the world, I can’t imagine a better place for them to further that important work than Green Country.

Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell:

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  1. I told my grandson that if Tesla opens a plant in Tulsa, I am buying one. I am especially interested in the SUV.


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