Tuesday, May 12, 2020

David Hill calls for debates in 5th District GOP primary

'Let’s Debate!' Hill for Congress Gaines Momentum, Calls for Public Debate

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 12th, 2020) — Republican businessman David Hill today called on the media, civic groups, and the other Republican candidates for Congress in Oklahoma to participate in a series of debates and forums.

"The stakes are extremely high," Hill stated. "This congressional seat could determine if Nancy Pelosi remains Speaker of the House. It is vital that Republicans understand the differences among their candidates and nominate a conservative who can fix Congress, and that starts with defeating Kendra Horn," Hill continued.

"We cannot let this pandemic keep voters from being informed," stated Hill. "Traditionally, civic clubs and others have provided forums where voters can hear directly from candidates instead of through 30-second television commercials or other forms of slick advertising. But because of the current crisis, these organizations are not meeting," Hill continued. "Our campaign is committed to helping them and media outlets to ensure voters at least have the opportunity to be well-informed."

"While the other major candidates have been in public office or have been a statewide nominee, our campaign clearly has the momentum," stated campaign manager Abby Roesch. "Look no further than President Trump or Governor Stitt to understand that it's not just the politicians who should be debating. The business leader should also be included."

The David Hill for Congress campaign has raised more than $340,000 as of the last Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing and has seen its social media grow with Facebook followers now eclipsing 3,200 — second most of any Republican in the contest.

"It might seem odd that the candidate calling for debates is the one without a political resume, but David is ready to share his business background and talk about the issues of great importance to him: protecting life, bringing manufacturing back to the United States, and supporting President Trump," Roesch concluded.

David Hill is currently CEO of Mar-K, the nation’s leading manufacturer of parts for classic cars. During his time as CEO of Kimray, Inc., Hill was named one of Oklahoma’s most admired CEOs. Hill co-founded the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon and, along with his wife of 26 years, Shannon, co-founded Providence Hall Classical Christian School (now The Academy of Classical Christian Studies).


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