Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Poll: Cornett 22%, Lamb 21.2%, Stitt 7.8%

SoonerPoll conducted a survey recently for KWTV (OKC's News9) and KOTV (Tulsa's News on 6) on the teacher strike, and included questions about the gubernatorial race, state employee pay raises, arming teachers, and various education funding measures (including the CLO measure). Here are the GOP gubernatorial race numbers:

SoonerPoll/News9/News on 6 Oklahoma GOP Gubernatorial Poll (PDF link
557 likely Oklahoma voters (294 Republicans), conducted March 14-22. Overall MoE +/- 4.15%. Numbers in parentheses are from January, brackets are from September.

Mick Cornett - 22% (23.9%) [29%]
Todd Lamb - 21.2% (17.6%) (32%]
Kevin Stitt - 7.8% (3.4%) [not polled]
Gary Richardson - 7.2% (9.0%) ["under 10%"]
Dan Fisher - 3.7% (4.0%) ["under 10%"]
Gary Jones - 2.6% (3.4%) ["under 10%"]
Undecided - 35.5% (38.7%) [23%]

You can view the full crosstabs here.


  1. Why where the Libertarian candidates not included in this?

  2. Anonymous: this section of the poll was only on the GOP primary. They also polled the Democratic primary.

    Next time, please comment with your name. I generally don't publish anonymous comments, as stated in the text above the comment box.


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