Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Candidate contests State Rep. McDugle's residency claims

Well, this looks like it will be an interesting race to watch...

Nick Mahoney has contested the residency claims of State Rep. Kevin McDugle
Contest of Candidacy Filed Against State Rep. Kevin McDugle

Wagoner, OK – A contest of candidacy has been filed by Nick Mahoney against Rep. Kevin McDugle, claiming Kevin has not met his residency requirements to file as a candidate for State House District 12.

Nick Mahoney, who is running against McDugle for the GOP nomination for House District 12, explained the basis for the challenge, “We have been made aware of evidence that strongly suggests Kevin McDugle has not lived in District 12 for at least the last six months. In fact, court documents show that McDugle vacated his residency that he claims in his filing for election in April 2017."

The Oklahoma State Election Board requires candidates filing for State Representative to have lived in their district for the previous six months before filing. "From what the court documents show, Kevin has not fulfilled the requirements for residency set forth by Oklahoma law," said Mahoney.

Nick Mahoney is a Republican running for House District 12. To learn more about Nick Mahoney, visit MahoneyforStateHouse.com.

Divorce filing where McDugle's wife attests that he moved out in April 2017 - Paragraph 3 part D (PDF)

Response where McDugle affirms that he moved out in April 2017 - Paragraph 3 part D (PDF)

Request for home inspection where McDugle admits he does not reside at the home (PDF)


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