Thursday, April 26, 2018

New Richardson ad focuses on illegal immigration


    Conservative GOP Candidate for Governor, Gary Richardson, launches an ad campaign on both radio and TV this week targeting illegal immigration.  As a budget hawk, Richardson plans to lift the burden on all taxpayers who fund government services for illegal immigrants who should not be in Oklahoma.

    "Oklahoma embraces all cultures and welcomes people from all over the world — as long as they’re obeying the law,” Gary Richardson says.  “But no working taxpayer should be expected to foot the bill for people who don’t pay taxes because they’re working here illegally.  The data shows this problem costs Oklahomans are an extra $464 million in taxes each year.  That ends on my watch.  The investigative audits I’ll demand will pinpoint the people exploiting the taxpayers and push them off the government roles.  It’s the fair thing to do."

    The new Richardson for Governor ad also references the case of Gustavo Gutierrez, a thrice-deported illegal alien, who killed beloved Oklahoma City sportscaster, Bob Barry, Jr. in 2015 while driving under the influence. It will air statewide.


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