Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mike Hunter files for Attorney General

Mike Hunter Files for Attorney General

OKLAHOMA CITY - Longtime Republican activist, attorney, and public servant Mike Hunter today filed for Attorney General.

“I’m pleased we will have the opportunity in this race to raise awareness and debate the serious issues that face Oklahoma. But race or no race, I will remain focused on standing with the people of Oklahoma against negligence and corruption both inside and outside our state, even if that ruffles some feathers in the capitol or draws fire from big special interests and outside influencers"

Despite fierce opposition and pressure, Mike Hunter has tackled the toughest problems facing our families head on. He has been a national leader fighting reckless opioid manufacturers and battling opioid abuse, and he successfully stood up to Washington, D.C. agitators when they tried to force East Central University to take the cross off of the chapel.

 “I am proud of my efforts to stop the flagrant misrepresentation of the addictive nature of opioids as well as the over-prescription of these powerful drugs that have caused not only billions of dollars in damages to our state, but tens of thousands of heartaches as well.  And I will never cease fighting to protect the religious and personal liberties for Oklahomans and their families,” Hunter stated.

“To be successful in warding off those who seek to attack our state, we must first be vigilant and fight every ounce of corruption, waste, and abuse present within our state,” Hunter continued. “Oklahomans need to know I am in their corner and doing everything within my power as Attorney General to make certain tax dollars are spent correctly,” Hunter continued.

“Whether it is making certain Oklahomans benefit from the Trump tax cuts going to our utility companies, prosecuting those defrauding our Medicaid program, or going after those scam artists who prey on the elderly, I am spending every day looking out for Oklahoma taxpayers,” Mike Hunter concluded.

After having worked in the Attorney General’s office during Scott Pruitt’s tenure, Hunter was appointed to replace him and has served as Oklahoma’s Attorney General for just over a year. Hunter has also twice served as Oklahoma’s Secretary of State, and helped expose corruption and revitalize the School Land Commission after being named Secretary of the Commissioners of the Land office.


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