Monday, April 09, 2018

Stitt launches second statewide TV ad


TULSA, Oklahoma (April 9, 2018) – The Kevin Stitt for Governor campaign launched a new TV ad today in the Republican primary for Governor of Oklahoma titled “Let Me Ask You” themed on Kevin Stitt’s campaign priority to hold public town hall meetings across Oklahoma. The April rollout will double the size of the campaign’s previous statewide buy.

The TV ad opens with a young girl traveling with her grandparents to a Kevin Stitt town hall meeting, emphasizing Stitt’s campaign promise to make decisions as governor with the next generation in mind and not the next election.

Kevin Stitt begins by posing a question to town hall attendees, “I don’t have to tell you the mess that Oklahoma is in, but let me ask you a question. Are we going to solve the problem by hiring the same people who created it?”

“I’m a businessman; an outsider,” Stitt continues. “I’ve made tough decisions. I’ve balanced budgets. I am going to use my experience to make government transparent, to audit every state agency, to end politics as usual, and to devote my energy to the next generation, not the next election.”

Kevin Stitt has held public town halls in all 77 counties, completing a “Listening Tour” of the state in January and continuing to maintain an aggressive travel schedule holding public events.

Stitt is campaigning on his business experience, starting Gateway Mortgage in 2000 with limited resources and building it to an award-winning, nationwide company. Today Gateway Mortgage has grown into 40 states, with 165 field offices and 1,200 employees.

On the campaign trail, Stitt has shared about his time leading his company through the 2008 financial crisis and national recession. With a fairly young company, Stitt’s vision to build a strong savings fund gave Gateway a cushion during the recession to make significant business changes, while keeping the doors open and people employed. Stitt led the company to a place of exponential growth following the recession while many of his competitors went out of business.

Stitt is promising to bring these same business practices to state government of balancing budgets, auditing agencies, and leading the state through hard decisions in order to get Oklahoma’s turnaround started right here, right now.


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