Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Jim Olsen running for State House District 2

Jim Olsen Announces Candidacy for State Representative

Small Business Owner and Realtor Jim Olsen filed candidacy papers to run for State House District 2, to replace outgoing State Representative John Bennett. Olsen, a conservative Republican, will be on the November 6th ballot to represent Sequoyah County residents.

Jim Olsen has a diverse business background from developing trade skills in farm and factory jobs, to working his way up to operations management and business ownership. This experience has given him a broad understanding of challenges facing Oklahoma small business operators, which account for 97% of Oklahoma businesses open today.

Olsen's business acumen developed from a strong interest in learning, which positioned him to excel in studies and graduate from the State University of New York (SUNY) in Albany, with a degree in Business. Olsen also pursued additional courses of study, including Spanish language courses, Theology, and Liberal Arts studies. He has an additional interest in Constitutional Law, studying the Founder's Intent as they were wiling to sacrifice fortune and self for the potential of freedom to flourish. Those rights and freedoms carefully handed down from generation to generation are to be treasured, defended, and upheld in legislation and in leadership today.

As a businessman and avid researcher of history, Jim Olsen knows that country after country has proven that prosperity does not come as a result of taxation. As Oklahoma's economy is largely dependent on oil & gas, agriculture, and small businesses, we must do all we can to encourage more business opportunities to come to Oklahoma and broaden job opportunities and increased wage potential for Oklahomans.

Jim Olsen also has a strong commitment to education, with one daughter a certified teacher, and a second daughter serving as a teacher's assistant, both at Brushy Public School. He believes, as the Bible states, that workers are worthy of their hire. We must continue to advocate for money to reach the classroom and improve education outcomes and state rankings. In order for our children to be ready for 21st century job opportunities, we must insist on a strong foundation of quality education.

He also believes that government is not in existence to be the answer for all needs.  A standard of belief and following the commandments of the Bible shows that first and foremost, one is responsible for their own actions. His intent in service is to work for the people, balance the budget, defend the Constitution, and advance responsible legislation that puts the state back on track to manage core government services. Government's role should, just as importantly, seek to roll back its overreach and involvement in unnecessary pursuits that do nothing but damage the free market and limit innovation and ingenuity.

Jim Olsen operates from a core set of beliefs, based on Biblical principles. These values include: the protection of innocent and unborn life, support for traditional marriage, defending the Second Amendment, insisting on fiscal responsibility and audits to ensure that a manageable budget is created, advance local control of education and higher pay for teachers in a sustainable and fiscally responsible way, support the Rule of Law and fight against sanctuary cities, and fight against bureaucratic overreach and excessive regulations to encourage businesses to open, and stay open, in our community.

A committed Christian, Jim Olsen also serves as a Sunday School teacher at Watts Holiness Church in Sallisaw, OK. He and his wife Becky are parents to seven, three son-in-laws added to the family, and they are blessed with three grandchildren.

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