Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Rafael Cruz endorses Hern for Congress

Pastor Rafael Cruz Endorses Kevin Hern For Oklahoma’s 1st Congressional Seat

Tulsa, OK – Kevin Hern today received the endorsement of Pastor Rafael Cruz. Hern is a conservative Christian businessman running for Oklahoma’s 1st Congressional district in the June 26th primary.

“Kevin Hern is a man of true Christian faith. I am confidant that Kevin's business experience and conservative values have prepared him to be a highly effective Congressman. He is best prepared to fight for our faith, families and freedoms. I believe that Kevin Hern will be a constant defender of the Constitution and a strong advocate of our conservative principles in Washington. I am proud to add my name to his list of endorsements, and I strongly encourage conservatives to support Kevin Hern.”

Rafael Cruz is a Cuban-American Christian preacher, public speaker, and father of Texas U.S. Senator and former presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

“I am humbled and proud to have received the endorsement of Rafael Cruz in my race for Congress,” said Hern. “Pastor Cruz travels across the country sharing the message of our founding fathers and the Christian principles our country was founded upon. The Declaration of Independence proclaims that all Americans have rights endowed to us by our Creator: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Our rights do not come from a big government, but from a big God. As a free-market conservative and business owner, I will stand for the Constitution and limited government; I will stand for life - I will stand for the 2nd Amendment - I will stand for our religious freedoms. It is time to put God first in our country and reverse the course we take this nation."

As the owner of KTAK Corporation, Kevin leads the operations that own ten McDonald’s restaurants that employ over 400 people in the Tulsa area. Kevin has served in various regional and national leadership positions within the McDonald’s Franchise System. Most recently, he served 5 years as the CFO for over 3,000 franchisees that own all 15,000 restaurants across the entire country. Kevin and family are members of the Church at Battle Creek.


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