Friday, February 16, 2018

Coburn joins Jarrin Jackson for town hall in Durant this evening

Dr. Tom Coburn, former US Senator, to Join Candidate for US Congress, Former US Army Captain Jarrin Jackson at Town Hall in Durant

Dr. Tom Coburn, former US Senator, will join US Congressional Candidate Jarrin Jackson at a Town Hall event at Durant Public Library on Friday evening, February 16, 6:30pm at 1515 W. Main, Durant.

In a recent statement, Dr. Coburn said he is backing Jarrin Jackson’s candidacy because, “Who we send to Congress is really important...Jarrin Jackson has virtue. He has shown his character by already doing a tremendous amount in service to our country. He is a combat veteran, a West Point graduate, a leader."

Coburn continues, "People are worried about our country - it isn't just one thing that is wrong, but there are many challenges that have developed to feeling insurmountable because many who hold office don't have the character trait of virtue - the firmness of purpose and courage to carry out high standards, no matter the cost. Jarrin Jackson has virtue - and has shown from his service in the military, serving veterans and working in his community, and growing his restaurant franchise business - he holds himself to a high standard and commitment to doing what is right for our communities, for our state, and for our nation.  Jarrin Jackson is a patriot and a warrior, and is not going to abuse your trust. Because he has virtue."

The incumbent Congressman Mullin is also currently being outed as a pro-pork politician in ads by the fiscally conservative Club for Growth, highlighting Mullin's support of bringing back earmarks just as our nation is working to pay off the current crippling debt, and going back on his promise to serve three terms to avoid being a career politician.

Jackson stated, "It is an honor and privilege to have Dr. Coburn's support. I look forward to serving according to the principles of his legacy. I am ready to take the torch and carry it forward for our country."

Jarrin Jackson is a combat veteran, who owns franchise restaurants and works to find jobs for transitioning active duty members to secure their first civilian job as they reintegrate into private sector. The Republican primary election for Congress is June 26th.

For more information on ongoing schedule of Town Hall events, please visit his Facebook page and his campaign website at


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