Saturday, February 17, 2018

Bunny Chambers endorses Cathy Costello


    The former President of the conservative Oklahoma Eagle Forum, Bunny Chambers, is endorsing Cathy Costello in her campaign for Oklahoma State Labor Commissioner.

    “Cathy Costello is a woman of principles and principles are critically important for a Labor Commissioner,” Bunny Chambers says.  “Costello will be a Labor Commissioner who is evenhanded and fair - never vindictive in the application of the law.  The wrong person in that position could wield a great deal of power against well-meaning employers who disagree on certain policies. Oklahoma must have a Labor Commissioner who can exercise professional restraint and objective judgement in any situation.  Her decades of running successful businesses makes Cathy Costello the ideal conservative to be Oklahoma’s next Labor Commissioner.”

    In addition to leading the Oklahoma Eagle Forum, Bunny Chambers also was state leader of the Pro-Family Forum and National Committeewoman to the Republican National Convention.

    “Bunny Chambers has a national reputation as a dedicated and principled conservative,“ says Cathy Costello. “That is why I consider this endorsement to be a tremendous honor. A Labor Commissioner should always execute the duties of the office without bias or personal agenda. I want voters to know my conscious will never be a casualty of political expediency.”

    Cathy Costello is a co-founder of several domestic and international businesses and is a sought-after national speaker and advocate on issues of mental health. Costello has been instrumental in passing major landmark state and federal legislation to improve how employers address mental health needs in the workplace.

       The Republican primary for Labor Commissioner is scheduled for June 26, 2018 and the general election will be held November 6, 2018.

    For more information on Cathy Costello's campaign for Oklahoma Labor Commissioner, visit her website at


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