Monday, February 12, 2018

Tax Hike vote expected today: contact your legislators!

The Oklahoma Legislature is expected to vote on about $620M in new taxes and expanded gambling today.

These tax increases include:

  • ~$243M in higher cigarette taxes
  • ~$172M in higher gasoline and diesel fuel taxes
  • ~$133M in a Gross Production Tax increase on oil and natural gas
  • ~$20M in higher wind energy taxes
  • ~$14M in taxes on little cigars and smokeless tobacco
  • Expanding gambling games to bring in $22M per year
  • Changes in the standard deduction ($40M in new income tax collections)

Multiple groups are working to stop these tax increases from passing, and have set up handy tools to help Oklahomans contact their legislators. Use the links below to contact your local legislators:

OCPA Impact: Tax Increases Are Moving Fast! Take Action Now!

AFP-Oklahoma: Tell Your Lawmakers "Oklahoma Can Do Better!"

No New Oklahoma Taxes: Tell Oklahoma's Leaders Not to Support a $1 BILLION Tax Increase!

To call, use the phone numbers below:

House of Representatives: 405-521-2711
State Senate: 405-524-0126
Gov. Fallin: 405-521-2342


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