Thursday, February 08, 2018

Lamb's campaign manager responds to Richardson attack ad

Statement from Keith Beall, Campaign Manager Oklahomans for Lamb, on the recent attack ad by gubernatorial candidate Gary Richardson:

“Gary Richardson was misguided when he attacked conservative Republican Steve Largent in 2002, and he is misguided again, as it appears he believes everything he reads on social media. No candidate has been more consistent in opposing new taxes than Todd Lamb, and no candidate has been as consistent in calling for a thorough examination of special exemptions, wasteful tax credits and unnecessary incentives. Todd Lamb has never said he favors repeal of all tax exemptions. He has simply said the billions of dollars in annual exemptions, credits and incentives must be thoroughly examined. Todd Lamb has a perfect voting record from the Oklahoma Farm Bureau, and he will not allow the elimination of the agriculture sales tax exemption. As a Sunday school teacher and a deacon in his church, Todd Lamb recognizes the necessity and value of certain exemptions for churches, and he will not allow their elimination.”


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